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STUART. Charles II. 1660-1685. AR Medal (29mm, 8.36 g, 12h). Commemorating his Coronation, 23 April 1661. By T. Simon. CAROLVS • II • D • G ANG • SCO • FR • ET HI • REX, crowned and mantled bust right, wearing Collar of the Order of the Garter / EVERSO • MISSVS • SVCCVRRERE • SECLO • XXIII • APR • I66I (sent to to hasten to the relief of an overthrown generation [cf. Verg. G. I.500), Charles, wearing royal robes, enthroned left, being crowned by Victory flying to right from above. MI 472/76; Eimer 221. EF, toned, very light scratches, some marks on edge.