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temp. STUART. AR Jeton (29mm, 9.39 g, 12h). Alliance of France, the United Provinces, and Great Britain. Of uncertain Dutch manufacture. Dated 1609. · A · DOMINO · FACTVM · EST · ISTVD ·, crowned coats-of-arms of France and Great Britain, coat-of-arms of the United Provinces below; all attached to cords held by manus Dei / ORD · FŒD ·/ BELG · A · REG ·/ HISP · ET · ARCHID/ LIBERI · AGNITI ·/ POST · BEL · CONT 42/ AN · INDVCI · PACISC/ INTERV REG GAL ·/ ET · MAG · BRIT · ET/ CVM · IISD · FŒD/ RENOVANT/ 1609 (The United States of Belgium, acknowledged to be independent b the King of Spain and the Archduke, after an uninterrupted war of forty-two years, conclude a truce by the intervention of the Kings of France and Great Britain, and renew with those powers a treaty of alliance). Eimer 87a; MI 198/23; Van Loon II 50. Good VF, toned, flan flaws. Struck on a thick flan.