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Mars Chained


HANOVER. George II. 1727-1760. AR Medal (56mm, 59.33 g, 12h). Jubilee of the Peace of Utrecht. Struck in Holland. By N. van Swinderen. Dated 11 April 1738 (in Roman numerals). V . LUSTR : FŒD : BELG : PACE STABIL · (the peace of the Belgian Confederacy established for 25 years), Belgium seated facing, head left, holding a capped lance affixed with palm and olive branches, and tablet inscribed EU/AN/GE LI/UM broken sword and banner at feet; to right, crowned lion seated right, holding bundle of arrows; to far right, chained and armored figure of Mars holding shield; above, Fame flying left, blowing two horns with banners inscribed IUBI/LATE and XXV; all before a distyle Temple of Janus with closed doors; XI . APRIL ./ MDCXXXVIII in exergue / ORBIS CHRISTIAN : QUIETE INTER SE COMPOSITA . (the mutual peace of the Christian world established), seven crowned coats-of-arms of participating nations suspended from ribbons. MI 525/85; Van Loon supp. 127; Eimer 543. EF, lightly polished. Rare.