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TUDOR. temp. Elizabeth I. 1558-1603. CU Jeton (29mm, 7.57 g, 12h). Alliance of England, France, and the United Provinces. Of uncertain Dutch manufacture. Dated 1596 in Roman numerals. (rose) COMMVNIS · QVOS · CAVSA · MOVET · SOCIAT (it unites those whom a common cause excites), three soldiers gathering around an altar inscribed LIBERT/PATR (the liberty of our country) in two lines / · TITVLVS · FOEDERIS · M·D·X·CVI (the foundation of our confederacy), soldier standing left, pointing toward tablet set upon column and inscribed ODIVM/TYRANNIDIS (hatred of tyrrany) in two lines. MI 161/144; Eimer 66; van Loon I 481. Good VF, brown patina.

In 1596, Henri IV of France dispatched the Marshal of Bouillon to broker peace between France, England, and the United Provinces for the purpose of resisting Spain in each of the countries.