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ITALY, Napoli (Regno). Filippo II di Spagna. 1554-1598. AR Mezzo ducato o cianfrone (34mm, 14.96 g, 6h). First Period. Napoli (Naples) mint; Giovan Battista Ravaschieri, maestro di zecca. Struck 1554-1556. • • PHILIP • R • ANG • FR • NEAP • PR • HISP •, crowned, armored, and draped bust right; (IBR) to left; below bust, four pellets around rosette / POSVIMVS • DEVM • ADIVTOREM • NOS, crowned royal coat-of-arms; shield within ornate frame. CNI XX –; cf. Pannuti-Riccio 3 (for type); MIR 159. EF, toned.