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431910. Sold For $8750

SASANIAN KINGS. Husrav (Khosrau) II. AD 591-628. AR Drachm (32mm, 4.02 g, 9h). Uncertain mint. Dated RY 36 (AD 626). G and 02∑§ (GDH monogram and increase) in Pahlavi to left; AÚM flÚM bÚV˙ (Husrav, King of Kings) in Pahlavi to right, facing bust of Husrav, wearing mural crown with two wings and star-in-crescent, ribbons on shoulders; monogram to upper left, star-in-crescents flanking crown; GDH monogram and ‘pzwt’ (increase) in Pahlavi to left; Husrav, King of Kings in Pahlavi to right; double border, star-in-crescents in margin / jUV√√ (thirty-six [RY date]) to left; U2Lfl2Ú§ fl;LA ([who] increased Iran ... work) in Pahlavi to right, facing bust of Anahit with flame nimbus. Malek, Khusrau 51-8; SC Tehran –; Saeedi 281; Sunrise 988 var. (RY year); Triton XII, lot 454 (same dies). Near EF, toned, hint of deposits in margins. Great metal.

Ex Peus 378 (28 April 2004), lot 338 (expertly conserved since).