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496969. SOLD $28500

LUCANIA, Poseidonia. Circa 530-500 BC. AR Nomos (29mm, 6.43 g, 12h). Poseidon, beardless and nude but for chlamys draped over his arms, standing right, preparing to cast trident held aloft in right hand, left arm extended; MOΠ to left / Incuse of obverse type, but trident is in relief and Poseidon is bearded; ΠOM to right. Gorini 3 var. (orientation of ethnic on rev.); HN Italy 1107; SNG ANS 604–5 var. (same; same obv. die); SNG Lloyd 427 var. (same); Regling, Antike 239 var. (same); Kraay & Hirmer 219 (same obv. die). Near EF, toned, overstruck on uncertain incuse-type issue. Bold archaic style, and with a particularly detailed incuse design. Interesting juxtaposition of a beardless and bearded Poseidon. Very rare variety.

From the Gasvoda Collection. Ex Dr. Patrick H. C. Tan Collection (Gemini VII, 9 January 2011), lot 39.

From the consignor: There are two distinct representations of Poseidon found on the incuse coinage: the youthful clean shaven face and the archaic bearded face. I have always felt that these two representations were created at different times, although which came first remains uncertain. This would thus be a very important transitional piece, which mates the youthful Poseidon on the obverse with a bearded “archaic” Poseidon on the reverse. The reverse incuse Poseidon is struck with unusually good detail for this series.