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503474. Sold For $7950

BRUTTIUM, Kaulonia. Circa 525-500 BC. AR Nomos (30.5mm, 7.91 g, 12h). Apollo advancing right, holding branch aloft in right hand, left arm extended, upon which a small daimon, holding branch in each hand, runs right; KAVΛ to left; to right, stag standing right, head reverted; dot-and-cable border / Incuse of obverse, but daimon in outline and no ethnic; radiate border. Noe, Caulonia, Group A, 10c = SNG ANS 146 (same dies); Gorini 3; HN Italy 2035; Boston MFA 172 = Warren 138 (same dies); Jameson 408 (same dies). Near EF, old collection tone, minor double strike and small die break on reverse.

Ex Dr. Walter Stoecklin (†1975) Collection (Nomos 14, 17 May 2017), lot 43, purchased from Bank Leu, Zürich.