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SICILY, Selinos. Circa 455-409 BC. AR Tetradrachm (27mm, 17.44 g, 8h). Artemis, holding reins in both hands, driving slow quadriga left; beside her, Apollo standing left, drawing bow; retrograde ΣEΛINO-N-TI-ON around / River god Selinos, nude, standing left, holding in right hand a phiale over altar to left, cradling in left arm a palm branch; before altar, cock standing left; to right, selinon leaf above bull standing left on basis; Σ-EΛ-I-ИO-Σ around above. Schwabacher 4 (Q1/S4); HGC 2, 1220; SNG Lloyd 1222 (same dies); BMC 25 (same dies); Berlin 576 (same dies); Kraay & Hirmer 186 (same obv. die); Rhousopoulos 372 (same dies). Choice EF, beautifully toned, minor deposits on reverse. Perfectly centered on a broad flan. Among the finest known.

From the Gasvoda Collection, purchased from Edward J. Waddell (inv. 54010). Ex Leu 36 (7 May 1985), lot 57.