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518316. Sold For $595

ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of All England. Æthelred II. 978-1016. AR Penny (20mm, 1.76 g, 10h). Long Cross type (BMC iva, Hild. D). Gloucester mint; Leofsige, moneyer. Struck circa 997-1003. Draped bust left; pellet behind head / + LEΘ FSIG E M’Θ GLEΛ, voided long cross, with pellet at center and triple-crescent ends. SCBI 19 (Gloucester), 332 (same dies); SCBI 7 (Copenhagen), 357-8; North 774; SCBC 1151. Toned, slightly worn dies. Good VF.

Ex M. Lessen Collection; Spink Numismatic Circular CXVI.2 (April 2008), no. HS3303.