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518320. SOLD $2450

NORMAN. Henry I. 1100-1135. AR Penny (19mm, 1.39 g, 3h). Star in Lozenge Fleury (BMC xiii). London mint; Raulf, moneyer. Struck circa 1121. Crowned bust left, holding scepter / + RAPVL[F : O]N • LVNDE, lozenge with incurved sides; star at center, fleur at each end, and trefoil in each quarter. SCBI 11 (Reading), 211 (same dies); BMC 93 (same dies); North 869; SCBC 1274. Toned, weakly struck on king’s shoulder and corresponding part of reverse. Good VF. Exceptional metal and a strong portrait.

Ex M. Lessen Collection; Henry Symonds Collection (Glendining’s, 26 September 1973), lot 51.