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451, Lot: 396. Estimate $100.

Salonina. Augusta, AD 254-268. Antoninianus (23mm, 4.08 g, 12h). Antioch mint. 11th emission of Gallienus, AD circa 264-265. SALONINA AVG, draped bust right, wearing stephane, set on crescent / CERERI AVG, Ceres seated left, holding grain ears and torch; (palm frond). RIC V 90; MIR 36, 1637e; RSC 22a corr. (rev. legend); Cunetio –. Toned silvering, minor deposits. VF.

Ex N. M. McQ. Holmes Collection; Mark Hariga (15 December 1990), lot 120.

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451, Lot: 396.
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