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526909. SOLD $2950

STUART. James III (The Old Pretender). 1688-1766. Cast AR Medal (50mm, 39.22 g, 12h). Peace of Utrecht. After N. Roettiers. Undated, but manufactured after 1713. CVIVS EST, draped and cuirassed bust left on pebbled field / Aerial view of the British Isles, along with London, each identified by abbreviation; capitals of Dublin and London each represented by letter; around, numerous water craft representing invading force; above, REDDITE IGITVR · on curved titulus . Woolf 26:1a; MI 314/135; Eimer 460Ab; Baldwin’s 69, lot 28 var. ([NR] below bust). Toned, some edge marks, chased and enhanced immediately after casting. Much as made. Of fine work.

Reportedly from an old collection formed c. 1880 to 1890.