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529461. SOLD $795

NORMAN. Henry I. 1100-1135. Cut AR Halfpenny (19mm, 0.62 g, 3h). Pointing Bust and Stars (BMC vi). Salisbury mint; Sæwulf, moneyer. Struck circa 1107. Crowned bust facing slightly right, holding scepter over shoulder and pointing; stars around / + SAP[ ] SAL, cross potent over cross batonnée in saltire; two stars in each quarter. EMC 2008.0412 = Coin Register 2009, 392 (this coin); SCBI –; BMC –; North 862; SCBC 1267. Toned. Good VF. An exceptionally well preserved cut halfpenny.

Ex TimeLine Auctions (14 December 2012), lot 117 (hammer £1300). Found near Stowmarket, Suffolk, 2009.