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Signed KPI

536847. SOLD $3950

LUCANIA, Metapontion. Circa 400-340 BC. AR Nomos (22mm, 7.81 g, 5h). Obverse die signed by Kri–. Head of Demeter right, hair bound by headband and gathered in loose chignon at back, KPI behind nape of neck / Barley ear of six grains, leaf to right; ME upward to left. Noe 502 (same dies); HN Italy 1528; SNG ANS 378 (same obv. die). Lightly toned. EF. Struck on a broad flan from dies of wonderful style.

Ex Hermann Robinow Collection (“A Collection of Exceptional Ancient Greek Coins,” Morton & Eden 51, 24 October 2011), lot 10 (hammer £3,400); Auctiones AG 20 (8 November 1990), lot 1239.