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LUCANIA, Velia. Circa 280 BC. AR Nomos (20mm, 7.61 g, 11h). Kerykeion-Thunderbolt Group. Helmeted head of Athena left, helmet decorated with griffin, Φ on neck guard; monogram behind neck / Lion stalking right; above, kerykeion right; ΥΕΛΗΤΩΝ below. Williams 518 (O262/R364); HN Italy 1316. Attractive old collection tone, slight die shift on reverse. Near EF.

Ex Matthew Curtis Collection (Classical Numismatic Group 87, May 2011), lot 186; Kirk Davis FPL 31 (July 2000), no. 5; Gorny & Mosch 102 (24 May 2000), lot 36; Sternberg XXIX (30 October 1995), lot 150.