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BRUTTIUM, Kroton. Circa 530-500 BC. AR Nomos (29mm, 8.15 g, 12h). Spread incuse type. Tripod, legs surmounted by wreaths and terminating in lion's feet, two serpents rising inward from feet, set on basis of three lines, the center dotted; (koppa)PO to left / Incuse tripod as obverse, but wreaths in relief, less ornamentation, and no serpents. Gorini 1; Attianese 4; HN Italy 2075; SNG ANS 239–41; Jameson 417; Kraay & Hirmer 264. Light iridescent tone, faint graffito (“Π”) in field on reverse. EF. Well centered.

The Delphic tripod depicted on both the obverse (in relief) and reverse (incuse) derive from the city’s foundational legend. According to this, Myskellos, obeying a directive of the oracle of Delphi, led a group of Achaean settlers to the site and founded the city around 710 BC. This divine sanction is represented by the tripod of the oracle, which became the civic badge of Kroton and is featured on its coinage. Kroton was among the first cities to produce coinage in Italy, its earliest being of the incuse type struck on the Achaian standard.