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539243. SOLD $1500

The Pompeians. Cnaeus Pompey Jr. Summer 46-Spring 45 BC. AR Denarius (19.5mm, 3.92 g, 6h). Corduba mint; Marcus Poblicius, legatus pro praetore. Helmeted head of Roma right; M • POBLICI • LEG • PRO PR around / Hispania standing right, round shield on her back, holding two spears and presenting large palm frond to Pompeian soldier standing left on prow, armed with sword; CN • MAGNVS • IMP around. Crawford 469/1a; CRI 48; Sydenham 1035; RSC 1 (Pompey the Great); RBW –. Attractively toned. Good VF.

Ex Prof. David R. Beatty Collection; Classical Numismatic Group 76 (12 September 2007), lot 1272; Classical Numismatic Group 41 (19 March 1997), lot 1649.