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ITALY, Bergamo. 1236-early 14th century. AR Grosso da quattro denarii (19mm, 1.38 g, 12h). nomine Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II (1220-1250). INPRT FREDERI/CV(horizontal S), laureate and draped bust right / (PR)/G/A down left, M/V/M down right, domed building, with two towers flanking; all above crenellated archway set on rocks; stars flanking cross atop dome. Cf. CNI IV 138; cf. MIR 16a; cf. Biaggi 351 (all refs for heavier issues). Deep iridescent toning. Near EF.

Ex Richard A. Jourdan Collection of Medieval European Coins, purchased from Charles H. Wolfe, III, 1997.