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HANOVER. John Jeffreys, Marquis of Campden. 1759-1840. AR Medal (44mm, 41.48 g, 12h). Installation as Chancellor of Cambridge University. Soho (Birmingham) mint. Published by J. Peters. Dated 1835. JOAN : JEFFREYS MARCH : CAMDEN : NBILISS : ACAD : CANTAB: CANCELL :, collared and mantled bust left; 1835 below / Interior view of the Senate House; above, Victory flying left, holding wreath and palm frond; in exergue, DEUM TIMETO : REGEM HONORATO/ VIRTUTEM COLITO :/ DISCIPLINUS DATO. Eimer 1282; BHM 1685. Most attractively toned. Choice EF. Superb architectural interior type.

From an old collection formed circa 1880-1890.