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SELEUKID EMPIRE. Kleopatra Thea & Antiochos VIII. 125-121 BC. AR Tetradrachm (28mm, 16.93 g, 12h). Ptolemaïs (Ake) mint. Dated SE 189 (124/3 BC). Jugate busts right of Kleopatra Thea, wearing diadem, veil, and stephane, and Antiochos VIII, wearing diadem; all within fillet border / BAΣIΛIΣΣHΣ KΛEOΠATPAΣ ΘEAΣ KAI BAΣI-ΛEΩΣ AN-TIOXOY, Zeus Nikephoros seated left; monogram to outer left, ΘΠP (date) in exergue. SC 2271.2; LSM 16; HGC 9, 1182d. Attractively toned, slightly off center on obverse. Good VF.