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M. Plaetorius M.f. Cestianus. 57 BC. AR Denarius (18.5mm, 3.86 g, 3h). Rome mint. Turreted and draped bust of Cybele right; CESTIANVS and forepart of lion to left, globe below chin; all within bead and reel border / Curule chair; uncertain symbol to left; M • PLAETORIVS • AED • CVR • EX • S C around; all within bead and reel border. Crawford 409/2; Sydenham 808; Plaetoria 3; BMCRR Rome 3576; RBW 1484 var. (symbol on rev.). Attractive iridescent toning, slightly off center on reverse. Near EF.

Ex Peter Stagnetto Collection; Spink Numismatic Circular CX.3 (June 2002), no. RM0851.