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Of Colonial Algerian Interest


FRANCE, Second Empire. Napoléon III. 1852-1870. AV 100 Franc Medal (36.5mm, 33.40 g, 12h). Premium of the General Agricultural Exposition at Oran, Algeria (24 September -2 October 1864). Prize for Animal Husbandry. By Barre. Dated 1864. NAPOLEON III EMPEREUR, laureate head right; BARRE below / GOUVERNEMENT GÉNÉRAL DE L´ ALGÉRIE (rosette), EXPOSITION/GÉNÉRALE AGRICOLE/A ORAN/(spacer)/ANIMAUX/REPRODUCTEURS/ ET AUTRES/1864 in eight lines. Edge: (bee) OR. Page-Divo –, but cf. 477 (for obverse in bronze). In PCGS encapsulation, 36683819, graded SP62 Gold Shield. Very rare.

Ex iNumis (5 December 2018), lot 81.