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YORK. Edward IV. First reign, 1461-1470. AR Groat (27mm, 3.69 g, 2h). Heavy coinage, group III. Tower (London) mint; im: rose. Struck 1464. (rose) ЄDWΛRD’· DI’· GRΛ’· RX · ΛnGL’· Z · FRΛn’ (saltire stops), crowned facing bust within tressure of arches with trefoils at cusps; quatrefoils at neck, trefoil on breast / (rose) POSVI DЄVM : Λ DIVTOR Є’· mЄVm/ CIVI TΛS (eye) LOn DOn (saltire and double saltire stops), long cross pattée; trefoils in quarters. Blunt & Whitton type IIId; North 1532; SCBC 1972. Slightly double struck in parts. Toned. Good VF.

Ex Classical Numismatic Group 46 (24 June 1998), lot 1948.