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STUART. Charles I. 1625-1649. Cast AR Medal (41mm, 14.32 g, 11h). Return to London from Edinburgh. By N. Briot(?). Dated 1633. CAROLVS AVGVSTISS’ · ET INVICTISS’ · MAG’ · BRIT’ · FRAN’ · ET HIB’ · MONARCHA, Charles on horseback rearing left, holding baton and reins; rayed Eye of Providence above, plumed helmet below; ·:1633:· in exergue / SOL ORBEM REDIENS SIC REX ILLVMIN AT VRBEM (as the sun [illuminates] the world, returning thus the King illuminates the city), personification of the sun shining over the London cityscape. MI 266/62; Eimer 124b. Dark toning, lightly chased in fields as usual, scrapes/digs, edge bumps. EF. A sharp and attractive early cast.