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Tiberius. AD 14-37. AV Aureus (19mm, 7.72 g, 6h). “Tribute Penny” type. Lugdunum (Lyon) mint. Group 6, AD 36-37. TI CΛESΛR DIVI ΛVG F ΛVGVSTVS, laureate head right; long, parallel ribbons / PONTIF MΛXIM, Livia (as Pax) seated right on chair, feet on footstool, holding scepter in right hand and olive branch in left; ornate chair legs, single line below. RIC I 29; Lyon 153; Calicó 305c; BMCRE 47; BN 26-7 var. (one ribbon on shoulder); Adda 14; Biaggi 170; Mazzini 15** var. (same). A few marks on reverse. EF. Well struck on a broad flan. Wonderful portrait.