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Pattern Shilling from the Dr. Carter Collection


TUDOR. Elizabeth I. 1558-1603. Pattern AR Shilling (31mm, 6.11 g, 11h). Sixth issue. Tower (London) mint; im: key. Dies by Charles Anthony. Struck 1595. (key) ELIZAB’· D’· G’· ANG’· FR’· ET HIB’· REGI, crowned bust left / (key) POSVI DEV’· AD IVOTRE M · MEV’·, crowned coat-of-arms over long cross fourchée. BCW KY-3C/KY-c1; B&C P4; North 2044. A few light marks, Toned. Good VF. A wonderful and very rare portrait piece.

Ex C. Comber Collection; Dr. E. Burstall Collection (with his ticket, Eaglen C15); Dr. E.C. Carter Collection (purchased en bloc by Baldwin, 1950).

After the death of the mint’s chief engraver Derek Anthony, his son Charles assumed the position. Charles engraved a new set of portrait punches for the reintroduction of a crown gold coinage in 1593. Elizabeth was portrayed in profile in a richly decorated dress and with long, flowing hair. After this success, he prepared a redesign of the silver shilling. A small number of beautiful patterns were struck with the key mint mark. For unknown reasons, the ‘flowing hair’ design was not adopted, and the youthful portrait of the queen continued in use on the currency issues until the end of the reign.