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Ex Freedman Collection

5604340. SOLD $5500

APULIA, Venusia. Circa 210-200 BC. Æ Nomos (34.5mm, 25.27 g, 5h). Head of Dionysos right, wearing ivy wreath and earring; ligate VE to left / Dionysos seated left, holding grape bunch in right hand and filleted thyrsos in left; N•I to right. Burnett 4.2; HN Italy 719; SNG ANS 758; SNG Morcom 237; Basel 65. Dark grayish-green patina with spots of red, light smoothing. Good VF. Rare large bronze denomination for this city.

Ex Kovacs XVI (29 September 2004), lot 16; David Freedman Collection (Triton V, 15 January 2002), lot 16.