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596858. Sold For $4500

Tiberius. AD 14-37. AR Denarius (21mm, 3.79 g, 6h). “Tribute Penny” type. Lugdunum (Lyon) mint. Group 4, AD 18-35. TI CΛESΛR DIVI ΛVG F ΛVGVSTVS, laureate head right; one ribbon on shoulder / PONTIF MΛXIM, Livia (as Pax) seated right, holding scepter and olive branch, feet on footstool; ornate chair legs, single line below. RIC I 30; Lyon 150; RSC 16a; BMCRE 48-60; BN 28–31. In NGC encapsulation 4281838-001, graded AU(star), Strike: 5/5, Surface: 4/5.