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COMMONWEALTH. Oliver Cromwell. Commander of the New Model Army, 1645-1653. Cast AR Uniface Medalet (23.5mm, 6.08 g). By Thomas Simon, circa 1650. Later circa 1750 strike after a circa 1650 original. HITHERTO · HATH THE · LORD HELPED VS, bareheaded and armored bust facing slightly right / Blank. Cf. Platt I Type Y and pp. 332; cf. Vertue, pl. XII; cf. MI 392/15 (for issue in lead); Eimer –. Attractively toned, fields lightly chased. VF. Extremely rare.

Ex North Yorkshire Moors [M. Lessen] (Part IV, Dix Noonan Webb 186, 21 January 2021) lot 1265; R.C. and O.M.W. Warner; R.E. Ockenden (from O.M.W.W. 1964); purchased from R.E.O; H. Montagu (Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 24 May 1897, lot 211 (part of).