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STUART. temp. Anne. 1702-1714. AR Medal (42mm, 37.47 g, 12h). Success of the Allies in Spain and Brabant. By Smeltzing. Dated 1706 (in Roman numerals). SIC OBSCURATUR GLORIA MAGNI REGIS, sun emerging from behind clouds over glove inscribed EUROPÆ; MDCCVI in exergue / DOMINUMQUE IN REGNA TULERE, medallion depicting head of Charles III of Spain right, with inscription CAROL III HISP REX, at center of three wreathed and turreted medallions depicting the bombardment of Barcelona, with inscription BARCINO LIBER XII MAY, the battle of Ramillies, with inscription PRŒL RAMIL XIIII MAY, and the entry into Madrid, with inscription INTRA MADRI XXVI IVNY; all set on crossed flags. Van Loon (new ed.) 1706.12; MI 291/101; Eimer –. Richly toned with underlying luster, a few light marks, die breaks on obverse. EF. Very rare.

Ex B. Pearl Collection; Spink Numismatic Circular LXXIII.11 (November 1965), no. 6560.