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Calais Half Noble


PLANTAGENET. Edward III. 1327-1377. AV Half Noble (27mm, 3.87 g, 12h). Fourth coinage, Treaty period. Calais mint. Struck 1361-1369. x ЄD WΛRD : DЄI : G : RЄX : ΛnGL: D : hУB · (retrograde Z) · ΛQ T’ (trefoil and double saltire stops), Edward standing facing in ship, holding sword and shield; ornaments -11-11, ropes 3/2, quatrefoils 2/2, lis 4; flag at stern / + DOmInЄ : In : FVRORЄ : TVO : ΛRGVΛS : MЄ, voided short cross potent over cross fleurée; in each angle, crown over lion passant over voided trefoil; at center, C within quadrilobe; all within polylobe, with trefoils in spandrels. Lawrence 1-2; Schneider 95; North 1940; SCBC 1508. Toned. Near EF. Well struck on a broad flan. An exceptional example of the first Half Noble struck at Calais. Rare.

Ex Dr. Baumhauer Collection; Dolphin Coins FPL 10 (October 1996), no. 71; Strauss (Sotheby’s, 26 May 1994), lot 47; R.C. Lockett (English Part II, Glendining, 11 October 1956), lot 1253 (“in beautiful condition and very rare,” hammer £27/-/-).