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Triton XXIII – Session Three – Roman Imperial Coinage Part II through World Coinage Part I

Lot nuber 829

Collection of Clodius Albinus to Trebonianus Gallus. AR Denarii and Antoniniani.

Triton XXIII – Session Three – Roman Imperial Coinage Part II through World Coinage Part I
Lot: 829.
 Estimated: $ 2 000

Roman Imperial, Silver

Sold For $ 3 000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

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Collection of Clodius Albinus to Trebonianus Gallus. AR Denarii and Antoniniani. Includes: Denarii (17 total) of Clodius Albinus (1), Septimius Severus (2), Julia Domna (1), Caracalla (2), Geta (2), Macrinus (1), Elagabalus (1), Julia Maesa (1), Severus Alexander (4), Julia Mamaea (1), Gordian III (1) // Antoniniani (20 total) Gordian III (5), Philip I (5), Otacilia Severa (1), Philip II (2); Trajan Decius.(1), Herennius Etruscus (1), Hostilian (1) and Trebonianus Gallus (4). Thirty-seven (37) coins in lot. VF to EF condition. Photos and detailed descriptions available online, at (to access the site, please copy and paste the link into your browser’s URL field).

From the A.K. Collection.

The present selection of the by now well-known A.K. collection consists of 380 silver and bronze coins and is rather different from those presented in the previous years, because of two things: First, Valerianus and Gallienus had a massive production of issues and emissions from many different mints and, as a result, the A.K. Collection contains a particularly large number of the coins of Gallienus; thus, it seems worthwhile to spread the Gallieni over two Triton auctons, this and the next. Second, since the collection has, as is usual with such a serious collection, a number of duplicates, this year there are two lots, which fall out of the usual order.

We start off with a mixed lot (829) of Denarii and Antoniniani of the late 2nd to mid 3rd century: beginning with Clodius Albinus and ranging up to Hostilian and Trebonianus Gallus. There is also a mixed Bronze lot (834) of the 3rd century Roman provincial (Moesia Superior to Cilicia) starting with the Severans and ending with Valerian. Three lots contain silver coins: 830 - Antoniniani of Valerian I and Mariniana from the mints of Rome, Viminacium, Colonia Agrippinensis, Mediolanum, Antioch and Samosata; 832 - Antoniniani of Gallienus from the mint of Rome; and 833 - Antoniniani of Gallienus with the Animal issues. One lot (831) contains only bronze coins: Sestertii and As of Valerian I. another lot (835) contains Alexandrian coins of Valerians reign, which include coins of Valerian I and Valerian II, Gallienus, Salonina and Saloninus and the final lot, 836, contains Irregular, Hybrid, Plated and Unusual coins of Caracalla, Severus Alexander, Gordian III, Philip I and II, Trebonianus Gallus, Valerian and Gallienus.

The quality of the coins ranges from Fine to Extremely fine and includes some very rare coins as well as pieces from important collections like those of Dattari, Naegeli, Niggeler, Rosen, Steger, Stöcklin, Voirol and Weder. In addition, most of the coins come from auctions, lists, or the stock of dealers such as Münzhandlung Basel; Münzen und Medaillen AG, Basel; Dr. W. Wruck and Dr. Habelt, Berlin; H. Pilartz, Cologne; Frankfurter Münzhandlung E. Button, later Schweizerischer Bankverein and B. Peus, Frankfurt; H.P.R. Frey and H. Blaser-Frey, Freiburg; Lanz, Graz; Athena, E. Beckenbauer, G. Hirsch, Graf Klenau, Münchner Münzhandlung K. Kress and Lanz, Munich; E. Bourgey, Maison Florange, Maison Platt and J. Vinchon, Paris; I. Ernst-Algie and H.H. Kricheldorf, Stuttgart; G. Bernardi, Trieste; H.D. Rauch, Vienna; Bank Leu and F. Sternberg, Zurich.

A separate, fully illustrated catalog of the complete collection has been compiled, containing the photos and full description of all the coins in each lot. This catalog will be available during the Triton lot viewing in New York, but you may also request that a catalog be sent to you. Additionally, this catalog will be available online (see individual lots below for details).

The final winners of all Triton XXIII lots will be determined at the live public sale that will be held on 14-15 January 2020. Triton XXIII – Session Three – Roman Imperial Coinage Part II through World Coinage Part II will be held Wednesday morning, 15 January 2020 beginning at 9:00 AM ET.

Winning bids are subject to a 20% buyer's fee for bids placed on this website and in person at the public auction, 22.50% for all others.