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CNG Feature Auction 115

Lot nuber 779

Theodore Gabras. Ruler of Trebizond, circa 1075-1098. Æ Follis (23mm, 4.81 g, 6h). Trebizond mint. Struck circa 1075-1085.

CNG Feature Auction 115
Lot: 779.
 Estimated: $ 200

Byzantine, Bronze

Sold For $ 4 500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

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Theodore Gabras. Ruler of Trebizond, circa 1075-1098. Æ Follis (23mm, 4.81 g, 6h). Trebizond mint. Struck circa 1075-1085. Patriarchal cross set on step / Patriarchal cross set on step. S. Bendall, “The mint of Trebizond under Alexius I and the Gabrades,” NC 1977, issue 9, pl. 6, 9 (this coin illustrated); DOC 9; SB –. Green patina. VF. Very rare.

From the collection of Simon Bendall.

The region of Trebizond had been captured by the Turks following the disastrous battle of Manzikert. In 1075, soldier and nobleman Theodore Gabras defeated the occupiers and returned the region to Christian hands. Gabras afterwards ruled over the region, regarding it as his own private domain, while still maintaining at least nominal allegiance to the emperor. Accordingly, Constantinople kept close watch over him and held his son Gregory hostage. In 1091, after requesting in Constantinople to have his son returned to him, Theodore, in a remarkably bold move, implemented a plan to sneak himself and Gregory back to Trebizond by merchant ship. This open act of rebellion against Alexius I was followed by swift action and the two were tracked down on their return journey. Under the circumstances, Theodore had no choice but to send Gregory back to Constantinople. He himself was allowed to return to Trebizond.

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