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CNG Feature Auction 115

Lot nuber 1224

<b>Lot of Seven (7) disk headed pins with embossed motifs. </b><i>Iron Age II–III. (Contemporary with Neo Assyrian Empire). 1000-650 BC.</i>

CNG Feature Auction 115
Lot: 1224.
 Estimated: $ 3 000


Sold For $ 3 000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

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Lot of Seven (7) disk headed pins with embossed motifs. Iron Age II–III. (Contemporary with Neo Assyrian Empire). 1000-650 BC. (17.9cm, 17.2cm, 16.8cm, 16.6cm, 15.8cm, 14.9cm, 13.9cm long). Includes the following: (1) A Central disk with a ring of circles and dotted border is flanked from top and bottom by two sets of birds facing each other in rest or with wings raised. A small circle rests between them to the right. Dashed border on outside. Deep brown and green patina. // (2) A central nide figure kneels facing left in contest with a lion to the left and a deer to the right. Both animals are on hind and are held by the man. Several rows of dots decorate the adornment. A linear and dashed border surrounds the embossing. Brown patina with Green highlights. // (3) Two registers of facing animals are presented, separated by a single linear border. Above, a pair of winged deer. Circular patterns surround the negative space. Below, a pair of ibexes leaping face each other, below a large leafy frond. Circular designs similarly fill the negative space in this engraving. All surrounded by a linear border. Brown patina with green highlights. // (4) A very stylized contest between a lion on hind facing right and the protome of a bull facing forward, his horns filling a good portion of the area. His forelegs are present, stamping at the lion. Behind, a Rosette pattern to left. All in linear pattern. Brown patina with heavy green encrustations. // (5) Two ibexes stand facing on hind before a central tree of life motif. To right, devices. All surrounded by a linear border. Dark brown patina with Green highlights // (6) A hunting scene of a naked bowman with bow and arrow drawn to a lion turned to face the pin. Surrounding, several rosettes. All surrounded by double linear border. Brown patina. // (7) Two protomes of ibexes face on hind a central tree of life, its fronds extending high. Dotted patterns fill negative space. All surrounded by a dotted border. Dark green and brown earth encrustations (photo is upside down in catalogue).

All of the motifs presented on these pins represent a much later barbarism of contemporary art in the region, showing deep influence from the Assyrian, Bactrian and even Contemporary Indian motifs of the day. The group is finely embossed and quite desirable for Ancient Near Eastern enthusiasts. Cf. PRS Moorley, Emma Bunker, Edith Porada and Glenn Markoe. The Nasli Heeramaneck Collection of Ancient Near Eastern, Central Asiatic and European Art (LACMA, 1981), lots 368-403 for comparatives. Earthen green patinas to brown surfaces, some edge chips, otherwise intact.

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