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Triton XXIV

Lot nuber 62

The Triumvirs. Mark Antony. Late summer-autumn 38 BC. Æ (24mm, 9.43 g, 12h). Ace-Ptolemais (Phoenicia) mint. Dated CY 11 (39/8 BC).

Triton XXIV
Lot: 62.
 Estimated: $ 5 000

Merani Collection – Roman Republican, Bronze, Coin-in-Hand Video

Sold For $ 3 250. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

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The Triumvirs. Mark Antony. Late summer-autumn 38 BC. Æ (24mm, 9.43 g, 12h). Ace-Ptolemais (Phoenicia) mint. Dated CY 11 (39/8 BC). Bare head right within laurel wreath / Tyche Euploea standing left, holding aplustre, cornucopia, and palm frond; ΠTOΛ[E]/MAЄ[ΩN]/IEP[AΣ] in three lines to right, KAI AΣY to left; L IA (date) to upper left. RPC I 4740; Seyrig, Ptolémaïs 19; Kadman, Akko 73; Rouvier 993. Dark green to black patina with light earthen highlights. Good VF. An impressive example.

From the Peter J. Merani Collection. Ex Nomos FPL (with Classical Numismatic Group, Winter-Spring 2008), no. 74; A. Levin Collection (Goldberg, 28 May 2007), lot 2686.

Beginning in the Caesarian period (circa 49/8 BC or 48/7 BC), the city of Ace resumed the name of Ptolemais, which recalled an association with Ptolemaic Egypt. Following his rapprochment with Octavian at Tarentum in 38 BC, Antony was given command of Rome’s eastern territories. The city of Ptolemais with its large harbor made it a particularly strategic site, providing a base of supply from which Antony could move north from Alexandria to take control of Cilicia and Syria. As the CY date places this coin within the period of his return to the east from Italy and features a portrait of Antony framed by a wreath of olive on the obverse and the figure of Tyche Euploea, or “Good Sailing” on its reverse, it may signify the Triumvir’s successful arrival at the port city to inspect its works following the peace established with Octavian.

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