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Triton XXIV

Lot nuber 979

The Triumvirs. Mark Antony and Octavia. Summer 38 BC. AV Aureus (20mm, 8.04 g, 12h). Athens mint.

Triton XXIV
Lot: 979.
 Estimated: $ 75 000

Roman Republican, Coin-in-Hand Video, Gold

Sold For $ 220 000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

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The Triumvirs. Mark Antony and Octavia. Summer 38 BC. AV Aureus (20mm, 8.04 g, 12h). Athens mint. Bare head of Mark Antony right; M • ANTONIVS • M • F • M • N • [AVGVR •] IMP • TER around / Head of Octavia right, her hair tied in a knot behind with one long plait arranged as a loop on top of her head; COS • DESIGN • ITER • ET • TER • III • VIR • R • P • C around. Crawford 533/3a; CRI 268; Bahrfeldt 90 (Pl. IX, no. 6 – same dies); Calicó 111 = Biaggi 67; Sydenham 1200; BMCRR East 144; Cohen 1; Mazzini 1 (this coin); RBW –. Some light marks and scratches. VF. Extremely rare, one of approximately eight known: Bahrfeldt notes 5 examples, of which 4 were in museums (Berlin, London [2 examples], and Paris), with the fifth offered in the Trau sale (from the same dies as the present coin); CoinArchives adds three examples, the present coin, as well as NAC 70, lot 194, and NAC 111, lot 153.

From the collection of Professor David R. Beatty, C.M., O.B.E. Ex William H. Williams Collection (Numismatica Ars Classica 46, 2 April 2008), lot 456 (hammer 75,000 CHF); Numismatica Ars Classica 33 (5 April 2006), lot 392 (hammer 120,000 CHF); Giuseppe Mazzini Collection, 1; V. J. E. Ryan Collection (Part 4, Glendining’s, 20 February 1951), lot 1588; Sir Arthur J. Evans Collection (Ars Classica XVII, 3 October 1934), lot 1136.

Shortly after the Battle of Philippi in 42 BC, cracks began to appear in the Second Triumvirate. Antony’s affair with Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, and his designs on Rome’s eastern holdings, prompted Octavian to formulate a binding agreement that would buy him time. At Brundisium a pact was signed, bringing about a reconciliation and some semblance of peace. As a condition of this reconciliation, Antony was married to Octavian’s widowed sister, Octavia. She stayed with him in Athens while he continued to prepare for a war against Parthia, and where, in 39 BC, he was associated with the “New Dionysus”. In 37 BC, she helped negotiate the Pact of Tarentum, which renewed the triumvirate until 33 BC. Antony, by this time, however, had renewed his affair with Cleopatra. He remained in the East, where he married the queen, and subsequently fathered several children. In 32 BC, as a renewal of civil war became imminent, Antony divorced Octavia. In the aftermath of Antony’s death, Octavia, known for her loyalty and nobilty, brought Antony’s surviving children to Rome to live with her.

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