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Triton XXIV

Lot nuber 1114

Manlia Scantilla. Augusta, AD 193. AR Denarius (17mm, 2.76 g, 6h). Rome mint. Struck under Didius Julianus.

Triton XXIV
Lot: 1114.
 Estimated: $ 2 000

Roman Imperial, Coin-in-Hand Video, Silver

Sold For $ 1 900. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

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Manlia Scantilla. Augusta, AD 193. AR Denarius (17mm, 2.76 g, 6h). Rome mint. Struck under Didius Julianus. MANL • SCAN TILLA AVG, draped bust right / IVNO RE GINA, Juno, veiled and draped, wearing stephane, standing left, holding patera in right hand and vertical scepter in left; at feet to left, peacock standing left, head right. RIC IV 7a (Julianus); RSC 2; BMCRE 11 (Julianus). Lightly toned. Good VF. Rare.

Little is known for certain about Manlia Scantilla, wife of the brief-reigning Didius Julianus. Her name suggests a connection to the prestigious Manlia gens. After securing the throne via the infamous “auction of empire” by the Praetorian Guard in March of AD 193, Didius Julianus granted the title of Augusta to both his wife Scantilla and their daughter, Didia Clara, a renowned beauty. Scantilla, in contrast, is called “the most deformed of women” by numismatic historian Seth W. Stephenson, probably based upon her unflattering coin portraits.

Scantilla had little time to enjoy her new status as Augusta, since her husband reigned only 66 days. On June 1 AD 193, he was murdered in the palace by his own Praetorians upon the approach of Septimius Severus, whom the Senate proclaimed Augustus in his stead. Julianus was declared a usurper, although he had been approved, however reluctantly, by the Senate. Scantilla and Clara fared marginally better: They were spared but stripped of their titles and inheritance. Severus gave them the body of Julianus for burial in the family crypt. Scantilla reportedly died in obscurity only a month later. The coinage of Manlia Scantilla in all metals is accordingly quite rare due to the brevity of the reign.

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