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CNG Feature Auction 117

Lot nuber 220

IONIA, Uncertain. Circa 600-550 BC. EL Stater (20mm, 16.52 g). Phokaic standard.

CNG Feature Auction 117
Lot: 220.

Closing Date: May 20 2021 11:00 ET

Greek, Electrum

Estimate: $ 10 000


IONIA, Uncertain. Circa 600-550 BC. EL Stater (20mm, 16.52 g). Phokaic standard. Chimaera standing left / Two incuse squares of unequal size. BMC Ionia 41 = GPCG 18 = B.V. Head, “Metrological Notes on the Ancient Electrum Coins struck between the Lelantian Wars and the Accession of Darius” in NC 1875, pp. 285–8, pl. X, 9; Rosen Sale 73 = Pozzi 2369; New York Sale XLII, lot 154 = New York Sale XXX, lot 142; Roma XV, lot 140. Toned, a couple of flan cracks, some die rust. VF. Extremely rare, one of approximately five known, of which at least two are in public collections (BM and Landesmuseum).

From the Jonathan P. Rosen Collection, purchased from Freeman & Sear.

The common weight standard and similar style of incuse punches that this issue shares with the coinage of the “Shield Series” (see Triton XXIII, lot 392–3), suggests that they may be related.

The final winners of all CNG Feature Auction 117 lots will be determined during the live online sale that will be held on 19-20 May 2021. This lot is in Session 1, which begins 19 May 2021 at 9 AM ET.

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