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CNG Feature Auction 118

Lot nuber 88

SICILY, Syracuse. Agathokles. 317-289 BC. AR Tetradrachm (24.5mm, 17.10 g, 12h). Struck circa 310-306/5 BC.

CNG Feature Auction 118
Lot: 88.
 Estimated: $ 1 500

Greek, Coin-in-Hand Video, Silver

Sold For $ 2 750. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

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SICILY, Syracuse. Agathokles. 317-289 BC. AR Tetradrachm (24.5mm, 17.10 g, 12h). Struck circa 310-306/5 BC. Wreathed head of Kore right / Nike standing right, erecting trophy to right; monogram to lower left, triskeles to outer right. Ierardi 100–4 var. (O21/R– [unlisted rev. die]); BAR Issue 23; HGC 2, 1536. Lightly toned, minor mark on obverse, slightly off center on reverse. Good VF. Fine style.

From the Sigmund Collection.

The Kore tetradrachms of Agathokles were struck following a major victory over Carthaginian forces outside the gates of Syracuse in 310 BC, which prompted him to name himself King of Sicily and adopt the style and trappings of a Hellenistic ruler. The reverse, depicting Nike erecting a trophy, proved highly influential and was widely copied by Greek kingdoms and Romans centuries hence; a near-contemporary issue of Seleukos I Nikator has a similar reverse design, though Nike is more demurely clothed. The Kore tetradrachms are found in two main varieties based on the engraving style, termed "Sicilian" and "African," although both were probably struck in Syracuse. The obverse of this piece exemplifies the finest Sicilian style and is clearly the work of a master engraver.

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