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Triton XXVI

Lot nuber 17

LUCANIA, Herakleia. Circa 390-340 BC. AR Nomos (21mm, 7.83 g, 11h). EF.

Triton XXVI
Lot: 17.
 Estimated: $ 1 000

Greek, Silver

Sold For $ 6 000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

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LUCANIA, Herakleia. Circa 390-340 BC. AR Nomos (21mm, 7.83 g, 11h). Head of Athena right, wearing single-pendant earring, necklace, and crested Attic helmet decorated with Skylla throwing stone held in right hand; [EY to right] / Herakles standing facing, torso right, strangling the Nemean Lion to right; [|-HPAKΛ-EIΩN above], [AΠOΛ] and club to left, oinochoe below. Work 47 (same dies); Van Keuren 51 (same obv. die as illustration); HN Italy 1378; SNG ANS 66; Bement 138 (same obv. die); Hunterian 7 (same dies); McClean 825 (same obv. die); Weber 706 (same dies). Lightly toned, underlying luster, a few hairlines, light scuff on obverse. EF.

The final winners of all Triton XXVI lots will be determined at the live public sale that will be held on 10-11 January 2023.

Triton XXVI – Session One – Lots 1-334 will be held Tuesday morning, 10 January 2023 beginning at 9:00 AM ET.

Winning bids are subject to a 22.5% buyer's fee for bids placed on this website and 25% for all others.

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