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Choice Class 2 Charlemagne Denier

985841. Sold For $3750

CAROLINGIANS. Charlemagne (Charles the Great). As Charles I, King of the Franks, 768-814. AR Denier (17.5mm, 1.11 g, 5h). Class 2. Medolus (Melle) mint. Struck 771-793/4. C(AR)o/LVS in two lines / mEDOLVS in circle around central ornament; L with hook. Coupland, Charlemagne 4; Depeyrot 605; M&G 268 corr. (rev. legend read as mEDOCVS); MEC I, 727 . VF, toned.

Ex Astarte 11 (12 December 2002), lot 1146; Aufhäuser 3 (7 October 1986), lot 372.

Charlemagne’s father, Pépin ‘le Bref’ (the Short), having deposed the last Merovingian king, paved the way for Charlemagne to become the most powerful Western monarch since the fall of Rome, formalized by his proclamation as Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III on Christmas Day in the year 800, while being acknowledged as Imperator twelve years later by Byzantine emperor Michael II. This facilitated the introduction of the silver denier, which became the mainstay of early medieval commerce.