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SPECIAL OFFER Order a copy of Corpus of the Nomismata from Anastasius II to John I in Constantinople, 713-976. together with Corpus of the Nomismata from Basil II to Eudocia, 976-1067. and save $25. Both volumes hardbound with dust jacket. CD-ROMs containing 15,474 nomismata included. Edited by Italo Vecchi. 354 total pp., illustrated with over 567 coins and other items of numismatic interest on 108 plates. (BY) (BY125)

Franz Füeg's Corpus of the Nomismata is the detailed survey of Byzantine gold issues from 713-1067. For this period, numismatists and collectors have previously relied on older monographs, available published collections, as well as David Sear's, Byzantine Coins and Their Values. While these other references are useful, none have covered these issues in great detail. Corpus of the Nomismata fulfills that need. In addition to integrating the supplementary material, Corpus of the Nomismata provides a catalog of all known dies of these issues. The second volume contains an important section of addenda since the publication of the first. The comprehensive nature and high level of detail of this work make an indispensable reference.

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