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Rare ‘Porcine’ Noble of Calais


PLANTAGENET. Richard II. 1377-1399. AV Noble (40mm, 7.73 g, 10h). Type IIC, ‘porcine’ style. Calais mint. RIC ΛRD : DЄI : GRΛ : RЄX : ΛnGL : DnS : hYB : 7 : AQVIT (double saltire stops), Richard standing facing in ship; flag at stern, voided quatrefoil over sail, ornaments 1-1-1-1, ropes 3/1, quatrefoils 4/4 / + IhЄ : AVTЄM : TRΛnSIЄnS : PER : mЄDIVm : ILLORVM : IBΛT (double saltire stops), ornate cross with lis at ends and small R in center; crowned lion over trefoil in each quarter. Schneider 155 (same dies); North 1307(1); SCBC 1661. Good VF, small mark on obverse. Struck from an obverse die first used at London, then alterred for use at Calais with the addition of a flag. An excellent example of this very rare and distinctive ‘porcine’ type.