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Three Exquisite Stuart Halfcrowns


STUART. Charles I. 1625-1649. AR Halfcrown (34mm, 14.78 g, 12h). Type 5. York mint; im: lion. Struck 1643-1644. (lion) · CAROLVS · D : G · MAG · BRIT · FRAN · ET · HIB · REX · (lozenge stops), Charles on horseback left, holding sword in right hand; EBOR below / CHRISTO (sprig of flowers) AVSPICE (sprig of flowers) REGNO (lion), crowned coat-of-arms; crowned C R flanking. Brooker 1081; North 2313; SCBC 2867. Near EF, dappled toning, small flan flaw on reverse. Rare.

Ex Elderton Collection (Spink 182, 29 June 2006), lot 370.