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STUART. Anne. 1702-1714. Æ Medal (44mm, 39.86 g, 1h). Capture of the Citadel of Lille. By J. Croker. Dated 1708 (in Roman numerals). ANNA · D : G : MAG : BRI : FR : ET · HIB : REG :, crowned, draped and cuirassed bust left / INSVLÆ · CAPTÆ · MDCCVIII ·, Victory standing facing, head right, holding palm frond and coat-of-arms of Lille above plan of its fortifications. MI 338/169; Eimer 435. EF, warm red-brown surfaces.

From the Gasvoda Collection.

From the collector:The citadel at Lille was a heavily fortified French stronghold that was eventually captured after a long siege under forces of Prince Eugene, of Savoy, and the Duke of Marlborough. This 1708 offensive lasted 120 days and exacted heavy casualties on both sides. With the victory, northern France was opened to new British military advances.