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LUCANIA, Poseidonia. Circa 530-500 BC. AR Drachm (22mm, 3.67 g, 12h). Poseidon, nude but for chlamys draped over shoulders, standing right, preparing to cast trident held aloft in right hand, left arm extended; FSSM to left, ΠOMES (retrograde) to right / Incuse of obverse, except trident and legend in relief. Selinus Hoard 3 (this coin); Gorini 8; HN Italy 1108; SNG ANS 629 var. (legend); SNG Lloyd –; Jameson 333 var. (same); Pozzi 205 var. (same). Good VF, toned, delamination and some roughness on obverse, die flaw on reverse. Excellent metal for issue. Very rare with this legend, only this example in CoinArchives.

From the Gasvoda Collection. Ex Triton XVII (7 January 2014), lot 21; Numismatica Genevensis VII (27 November 2012), lot 128; Selinunte, Sicily, 1985 Hoard (CH VIII, 35).