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LUCANIA, Poseidonia. Circa 445-420 BC. AR Nomos (18mm, 7.98 g, 11h). Poseidon, nude but for chlamys draped over both arms, holding trident aloft in right hand, advancing right; ΠOMES downward to right / Bull standing left; retrograde ΠOMEIΔA above; all within circular incuse. HN Italy 1116; SNG ANS 662–3; SNG Copenhagen 1284 (same dies). EF, beautiful cabinet tone, a few minor marks. Of fine classical style.

Ex Dr. Roland Maly Collection (LHS 100, 23 April 2007), lot 124; Kricheldorf IV (7 October 1957), lot 55; Gans 15 (4 May 1955), lot 212; Nervegna Collection (Sambon & Canessa, 18 November 1907), lot 381.