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SICILY, Gela. Circa 490/85-480/75 BC. AR Didrachm (20mm, 8.51 g, 3h). Warrior, nude but for helmet, riding right, preparing to cast javelin held aloft in his right hand / Forepart of man-headed bull right; CE-ΛA (partially retrograde) around; all within shallow circular incuse. Jenkins, Gela, Group Ib, 28 (O9/R11); HGC 2, 363; Boston MFA 241 = Warren 227 (same dies); Hunterian 10 (same dies); Kraay & Hirmer 156 (same dies). Superb EF, light iridescent tone. Of the finest style, sharply struck from fresh dies.

Includes a PNG certificate dated 27 March 2000.