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Social War Denarius – Ex Signorelli Collection

503490. SOLD $9750

The Social War. Coinage of the Marsic Confederation. 90-88 BC. AR Denarius (20mm, 4.08 g, 3h). Mint moving in Campania. Struck 88 BC. Bust of Italia right, wearing crested helmet and aegis to left, Victory crowning Italia with wreath / Two male figures in military dress; on left, standing right, holding a spear in left hand and the one on right, standing left, holding a round object in his left, grasping each others’ right hand; on right, prow of ship from which one of them has disembarked; ΙΙΙΛ in exergue. Campana, Monetazione 181 (D130/R152 – this coin); Sydenham 632a; HN Italy 416; BMCRR Social War 49 var. (number on reverse in exergue); Kestner –; RBW 1221. Near EF, toned. Well struck on a broad flan. Extremely rare.

Ex Numismatic Fine Arts V (23 February 1978), lot 355; Münzen und Medaillen AG 52 (19 June 1975), lot 329; Prof. Angelo Signorelli Collection (Part I, Santamaria, 25 October 1951), lot 70.

From the NFA catalog: “The reverse type alludes to the help promised by Mithradates of Pontus to the confederates, a promise which never materialized. The figure on the right may either be an ambassador from Pontus or Mithradates himself.”